Domestic Violence

If you feel unsafe in your own home as your marital relationship or dating relationship is on the rocks, the legal protection of a restraining order may become necessary. Besides taking steps to protect yourself in a fearful situation, you should contact a lawyer to help you obtain an order from the court forbidding the threatening person (your spouse, significant other, close family member or member of your household) from contacting you.

Call 478-207-5100 to request an urgent consultation with attorney Sanders Law, P.C. in Macon. Sanders Law, P.C. will listen closely to the facts of your case and advise you on the next best course of action. Do not delay asking for help if you have been harmed or threatened.

What If Your Spouse Or Partner Has Named You In An Order Of Protection?

You may have lost access to your house, property and children after you were the subject of a restraining order. Talk to family law attorney Sanders Law, P.C. to discuss how to get that restraining order removed and restore your normal liberties. If there is a criminal defense element to your case, she can advise you on how to protect your clean record. At the same time, she can advise you on how to prevent damage to your child custody hopes or any aspect of a pending divorce or other family law matter.

Georgia Family Law Attorney Sanders Law, P.C. Can Help You Obtain A Restraining Order Or Get One Lifted

Every case is unique and a personalized evaluation by a lawyer is the fastest route to a successful resolution. Protect your name and freedoms after your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend has targeted you by obtaining an order of protection. Call 478-207-5100 or send an email message to request a consultation about a domestic abuse matter, whether you are the one who has been hurt or threatened, or the one accused.