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Sanders Law, P.C. is a highly successful divorce and family law attorney in Macon, Georgia. Backed by 30 years of experience, Sanders Law, P.C. focuses her law practice on helping people resolve family law issues in a way that helps them move forward with their lives.

An Established Georgia Family Law Practice

Family law concerns the issues that are most important in your life: your property, your finances and your children. If you are involved in a divorce or other family issue, it only makes sense to put your case in the hands of a lawyer who has the experience and tenacity to protect your interests. Whether you are approaching a high-asset divorce, a military divorce or a child custody case for unmarried parents, you can rely on Sanders Law, P.C. to guide you assuredly through each challenge.

A Steady Hand For A Time Of Change

Many people who are going through a family law dispute are hurt and sometimes angry. Sanders Law, P.C. will counsel you on Georgia law and explain how it applies to your case. Sanders Law, P.C. understands how emotionally challenging a family issue can be and is prepared to protect your interests every step of the way.

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Don’t rely on what you have heard from friends and relatives about what happened in their divorces or other family law cases. Family law is based on the facts of your case; only an experienced attorney can advise you after learning about your situation.