Parenting Trends In Today’s Society

The reality of biological fathers without legitimation that marriage would provide is not a new phenomenon. There have always been issues of illegitimacy of children born to unmarried biological fathers, along with questions of identification of those fathers. What is different in our era from past eras? Namely, the facts that:

  • DNA testing can confirm a parent-child relationship.
  • A greater percent of children — 40 percent — are born of unwed mothers than was the case in past generations.
  • More couples now choose to live together with their children as intact families — sometimes for years — without marrying.
  • Whether or not unmarried parents stay together, fathers may be more involved in children’s lives than in past generations — or want to be. Stay-at-home fathers are less stigmatized than in the past.

Addressing Your Specific Legal Concerns: Visitation Rights For Unmarried Fathers And Child Support Responsibilities Of Biological Parents

Whatever the circumstances in your family, you may have arrived at this Web page with a specific legal need, such as:

  • You are alleged to be the biological father of a child not yet born or already born, and you question whether you actually are. You may seek a paternity test or clarification of your responsibilities.
  • You acknowledge you are the biological father of a child and you want your rights delineated with regard to child support. That is, you want to be sure you are not required to pay more than your fair share.
  • You are living with the mother — or not — and you want legal confirmation of your custody or visitation rights.

Our Macon Law Firm Offers Legal Advice And Assistance To Unmarried Fathers And Mothers Seeking Legitimation, Visitation Or Support

Keep in mind that if you are an unmarried biological dad and have not legitimated your child, you have no legal rights. If you have not filed a Petition to Legitimate your child, you have no visitation rights at all. Contact Sanders Law, P.C. to get your questions’ answers. We can help you obtain visitation rights or pursue custody.

Mothers: We welcome your inquiries about unwed fathers’ rights and obligations, too, if you are concerned about legitimation and care of your child born outside of marriage. We can provide legal information and guidance concerning child support, visitation and related issues.

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