High-Asset Divorce

Sanders Law, P.C. in Macon handles divorces for Georgia residents of many income levels. Sanders Law, P.C.‘ years of experience dealing with complex marital estates makes her well-suited to represent clients with higher-than-average asset portfolios. The firm has served business owners, professionals and financially independent people.

Whether you are the higher-earning member of an upper income-level couple or the dependent spouse in this type of marriage. you can count on me, divorce lawyer Sanders Law, P.C., to represent your interests skillfully as you prepare to dissolve your marriage.

The good news for many high net worth couples, there are typically ample assets to work with. The difficulties come with the time and details necessary to assess all assets fully and fairly, as well as the variety of types of assets that may apply, including:

  • Real estate: the marital home, possibly a vacation home, investment properties and special assets such as time shares
  • Personal property contained on real property (the contents of a house, garage and other structures)
  • Bank accounts and other forms of disposable income and assets, such as offshore accounts
  • Valuables and collectibles such as gold and silver, antiques, firearms and fine art
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts and pensions
  • Deferred compensation such as executive retirement benefits
  • Intangible but potentially valuable assets such as patents, licensing rights and stock options

Dividing assets in divorce starts with accounting for all assets of both spouses. Finding hidden assets can be especially vital in a high-asset divorce. Does your spouse’s brother or business partner owe him or her, a substantial sum? This expected payback should be accounted for. The same goes for a projected sale of a business or maturing of investment instruments.

Keep A Lid On The Costs Associated With Divorce By Choosing Wisely Where To Devote Your Time And Attention

In the interest of keeping legal fees from spiraling out of control, I work closely with my clients to prioritize issues that are most important in each case. Are you primarily concerned about keeping a business intact, leaving certain investments undisturbed or protecting certain real estate assets from division? Whatever is most important to you is where I will recommend you put your energy and focus during your Georgia divorce..

Protect Your Assets And Your Best Interests In Your High-Asset Divorce In Georgia

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