Special Considerations For Military Members And Spouses Preparing For Divorce Or Seeking Modifications Of Child Custody Orders

Military couples often face unique factors in divorce for a number of reasons:

  • The military member may be deployed often, creating distance and communication gaps. Especially if the military spouse approaching divorce is on a mission at sea or abroad, getting through the legal requirements for a divorce can be challenging.
  • Each branch of the military (air force, army, navy and marines) has specific rules and issues pertaining to divorce and family law matters. A military spouse may be allowed to take longer to respond to child-related petitions, for example.
  • The potential loss of benefits for the nonmilitary spouse can be significant. Accounting for a wife’s or husband’s need for health insurance after a divorce can be a major ticket item in divorce settlement negotiations.
  • Division of an anticipated military pension in a divorce is often a significant concern, and rightly so. Each party to a divorce wants and deserves reassurance of a fair portion of retirement assets.

Other aspects of a military divorce, such as property division, spousal support, child custody and support of minor children, may be the same as in an ordinary civilian divorce. Working with an experienced, well-respected lawyer can offer reassurance that every key issue will be addressed efficiently and thoroughly.

The Benefits Of Working With Sanders Law, P.C. Attorney At Law For Your Military Divorce Or Child Custody Matter

Clients of Sanders Law, P.C. enjoy the advantages of working with a lawyer who is very familiar with all special issues involved in divorce when one or both spouses are enlisted in a branch of the military.

I often represent service members and spouses of service members stationed at Robins Air Force Base, the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the Georgia Army National Guard.

I am also a valuable resource for military spouses living near my law firm’s Macon location whose husbands or wives are soldiers or sailors in completely different parts of the country or the world.

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